<![CDATA[Donnas Domain - BLOG...]]>Tue, 18 Jul 2017 00:56:05 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Kamiku......welcome to my very own version of the traditional Haiku]]>Thu, 22 Sep 2016 04:00:00 GMThttp://donnasdomain.com/blog/kamikuwelcome-to-my-very-own-version-of-the-traditional-haikuGrenzbegrifflich is a German word describing that which is very real but is beyond analysis and description. I first heard this word on Super Soul Sunday when Oprah interviewed Rob Bell. I love new words.....this isn't something that you would use everyday; it's hard to read and pronounce; not everyone knows what it means; it's kind of mysterious, grandiose, beyond description itself.....yet perfect for relating to God.

I could not resist putting it into a Haiku....or what I like to refer to my poems as
 Kamiku.  Kami in Japanese is "essence or spiritual" and the "ku" is the Haiku cut.....real Haikus should have some humor and nature....but mine are more "new age thoughts" ( I hate that expression but it fits), thinking, thought provoking, and sometimes spiritual 5-7-5 lines that literally have me counting on my fingers during a TV show or when reading a book, so I created my own name for my very own  version of the traditional Haiku. So visit the following tab listed above for my latest entries. Enjoy!
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The whole world has been mourning the passing of Comedian/Actor Robin Williams. Social media has been buzzing enough to have reported on the evening news, that there has been over 8 million tweets....I don't believe that even counted Facebook activity.

I'm really not surprised....maybe in the vast numbers, but not in the overall bombardment. The man truly had no idea of what an impact he made....not by just being funny, but the roles he played..... 
those movies will live on ....each one holding a different importance for everyone watching.....a phrase, a feeling, a social value, a giggle, a hearty laugh, an endearment, a tear and/or the clever smile. A true genius in his craft. 
Who wouldn't want a legacy like that?

The news is full of our (the U.S.) "national royalty" (actors, comedians, sports, political, religious and spiritual greats)  that have made an impact in our lives at some point, that have been (passing) ascending to a new spiritual level lately, and I wouldn't want a constant stream of eulogies each day spouting their contributions.  But......

Robin Williams was more special than most,.....probably because I find humor so important in life. I truly looked forward to his movies and other appearances.....it was a "touching" humor....touch the heart...brought a tear....he sometimes brought a social change concept to a humorous angle, projecting how silly we are for thinking otherwise....ingenious!

And it's ironic, that his own personal demons wouldn't allow him to see his own importance.....his contribution of joy and substance to our own fragile lives. I'm sorry to see him go...but his daughter, wise in her youth, remembers him in a beautiful quote, which I will also use to reminisce him..... (from Zelda Williams, Robin's daughter)....The quote reads: 

"You -- you alone will have the stars as no one else has them. ...In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night... You -- only you -- will have stars that laugh."

so perfect......I'll enjoy the stars all the more now.......thanks again, Robin, for your time well spent.....xoxo

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Because Maya Angelou recently moved on to the next level, I wanted to dedicate one of her sayings as my transition, to my more authentic self. The world needs motivators, artists and inspirational beings to make us re-think our world, our involvement, and our impact on each other. Maya was one of those forerunners of wisdom.....her impact was worldwide and insightful.
Awakening is scary.....it requires us to look past our present views and assimilate new thoughts and ideas that may seem very foreign to us...but transformation is the emerging from our cocoons and re-inventing our perspective from another level.....that's why the butterfly analogy is so apropos.

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<![CDATA[Review......Christmas or Xmas  ?????]]>Fri, 27 Dec 2013 03:08:29 GMThttp://donnasdomain.com/blog/reviewchristmas-or-xmasPictureChi-Rho
I'm a Facebook junkie, and there were a lot of posts about keeping the "Christ" in Christmas.....

"Xmas" is considered by some to be the ultimate sign of  "X - ing" out Christ.....
an abbreviated version of Christmas, not only ridding the season of religious significance, but emphasizing the commercial aspects.

So today, I was surprised to see a "dictionary.com blog" post on FB about  "Xmas".

Surprisingly enough, it may be more respectful than I could have possibly imagined.

 "X" is a Greek letter for "chi", and my first thoughts were the Chinese "life-force" correlation, but  the blog goes on to say that it is the "initial letter in the word Χριστός'  which means “Christ". 
 " X"  has been an acceptable representation of the word “Christ” for hundreds of years....and the "mas" in Xmas is the Old English word for “mass". 
In the same vein, the dignified terms Xpian and Xtian have been used in place of the word “Christian". (http://blog.dictionary.com/xmas-christogram/)

This  "Xmas" is considered yet another "Christogram".

Wikipedia's information on Christograms is that it is a monogram or combination of letters that forms an abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ; and can also be used as a religious symbol.
One of the oldest Christograms is the Chi-Rho. It consists of the superimposed Greek letters chi (Χ) and rho (Ρ), which are the first two letters of Christ in Greek.

So,  it looks like no one ever took  "Christ" out of Christmas.....he was there all along......

Hmmmmmm.............knowledge is power.

<![CDATA[RAVE......sojourn of the soul experience]]>Thu, 19 Dec 2013 01:48:38 GMThttp://donnasdomain.com/blog/ravesojourn-of-the-soul-experience
Dana Micucci
I signed up for, what I thought was a writing class with a freelance art writer, now turned shaman. The class was cancelled, but since I had already paid, I put that credit towards a one-on-one private session with “Sojourns of the Soul” author Dana  Micucci. The private session was not the writing class but some type of shamanic healing session. We could all use some healing, right?

Dana’s shamanic soul retrieval is meant to move you back in balance and provide a body, mind, heart and soul cohesive connection. She draws from extensive shamanic training with renowned teachers such as Sandra Ingerman, 
Hank Wesselman and John Perkins to assist in retrieval of soul parts that have fragmented and splintered off ; return and 
re-integrated them.

Coincidentally (?), it was the same day as the solar eclipse, with the new moon in Scorpio– the calling to shift into a new level of power and joy……”when we turn to face our fears; we take our power back. So seize the day to reclaim your power by doing that which you fear the most.” (FB: The moon woman)

Needless to say, the message fits the opportunity that the session itself transmutes….dare I say “synconicity”?

As she began smudging the room, I started getting comfortable on the massage table (fully clothed), although I remove my shoes, and ponder why I am so apprehensive to be bare footed, since I normally bring socks for reiki treatments. Although my eyes are close, a series of shamanic rattle sounds and puffing commence, and I find my toe muscles starting to twitch…..my mind pictures a sweat tent as I start to breathe slower.

I never looked, but I was curious as to the procedure, yet my mind wandered off to other places around the world, almost a country by country assessment.  As my mind looked at each location, it answered it’s own question of yes or no for that pictured place.  I felt my toes in sand (Egypt?), yes but not now; an Asian temple (Siam?); the prayer wheels (Nepal?); Druid ruins but not Stonehenge; snow, lots of snow…...moving along fast. I imagined that the choosing is part of the retrieval experience of the fragmented soul splinters.

Her hands are placed in succession at the crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras, and my breathing and heart beat changes. Puffing continues with an ancient but oddly familiar almost cave–like aroma. I briefing ponder it’s origin.  Is it another smoke sage product or could it really be old wise ancestor?  But new pictures are coming quickly and I sensed a sadness, close to tears, my breathing quickened and just as quickly it’s gone. Animal spirit guides stared me in the face, and I laughed to myself, because they have never changed over the past few years, causing me to learn to accept their familiar eyes. Nose to nose with the white/blue wolf; then morphed to the eyes and beak of the eagle; a white owl on a close branch over a white baby buffalo against a dark blue/black starry sky and a lone tee-pee internally lit, highlighting a symbol painted on the outside and wispy smoke exiting the tee-pee top from an inside fire.

My forehead is then manually scraped between the eyes, removing a (symbolic) heavy metal plate covering the third eye, sheltering many lifetimes of powerful knowing with equally dire consequences, causing present day shielding and apprehension to acceptance of a more in-tuned service. I feel poked, deeply,  through the skin and I feel a dark stringy material is pulled away, first my arm, then my right knee, the top of one the right foot.  I’m later told she also identifies and removes energy obstructions to facilitate your journey towards wholeness.

Needless to say, an unusually experience, yet calming.  Dana discussed with me what she perceived as my fragmented soul sources and then I related my own visual experiences during this shamanic session….the correlations were impressive….we both were on the same wavelength, for sure.

I would recommend Dana's latest book Sojourn of the Soul, an easy and interesting read. I've attached a link to her website with just a click of the picture above. She's a fascinating woman, and the timing was right, because I was open to my unexpected shamanic experience with this famous writer. I wish her continued success and new, enlightened experiences in her current journey. Namaste!

<![CDATA[RAVE.....Passion..... finding it]]>Wed, 24 Jul 2013 15:40:18 GMThttp://donnasdomain.com/blog/ravepassion-finding-itPicture
Living with PASSION... 
is often touted …..

Do what makes you happy; be passionate about your work and it will not feel like work; have a “passion” for life…..and the sayings go on and on.

Sounds fabulous, but how do I “find” MY passion?

I’ve read books on the topic. Made pro and cons lists; like and don’t like lists; took quizzes that hone in on my “type” (personality and work ethic); they were all guides to pinpoint my interests to “develop” my passions, since I had no real vision of what they might be.

I LIKE IT ALL! ….but am master of none.

I wanted to find my niche, the one or two things that I could master, be known for….or at least, have the confidence knowing I’m following the right path. 

As a child, I remember wanting to be an orchestra leader….not having ever played an instrument, not knowing how to read music and having no desire for either at that time, I found that surprising. The later assumption was that I wanted to be “in charge”, which lead me to be the president of  various clubs, like the chess club, of an investment club, of non-profit organizations; being a parent; being a supervisor at work; some teaching opportunities and a business owner. The in-charge desire was the pursuit. The passion for each, existed at inception but gradually diminished over time…..so was that really passion?  

I’m not sure….so the search goes on…..for a more permanent passion…..is there such a thing? 

By chance, there was a “share” on Facebook for the Ted Series of speakers, that I felt compelled to click.

 “What you do—proves what you believe” (compliments to Simon Sinek).


An AH-HA moment! 

What do I like doing now? What do I enjoy reading? What do I research the most? What entertains me? What do I feel compelled to talk about?  What do I think is important?

These are my Passions…..and they Change….as I have over the years….

hmmmm!   Who knew?






<![CDATA[PBS ....on Lifewave Patches]]>Wed, 06 Feb 2013 06:06:26 GMThttp://donnasdomain.com/blog/pbs-on-lifewave-patches
This is one of my favorite products.....Lifewave Patches.....
My husband has had pain back since his service time in Vietnam, but as he's aging it is only getting worse. He's been on every type of pain medication with only temporary relief. All drugs take a toll on your body, and affect other organs in the process, so he was sincerely considering surgical/ permanent options.  Scary stories of operations gone terribly wrong, did not help my apprehension of these choices. While researching Glutathione, I came across the ICEWAVE patches from Lifewave. I ordered them and within minutes he had relief.....for the first time without drugs.  He's NOT CURED....but to have pain relief without drugs, or even less drugs, is a valuable resource of pain management to be considered. Lifewave has other patch products for stress relief, aging, energy, and different anti-oxidants.....I'm sold.....so I became an independent distributor.

Check out my website at http://www.lifewave.com/781308
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Facebook junkie that I am, I am always amazed at how much good information gets posted. There is all kinds of articles for health, enlightenment, motivation .....not your normal newspaper fare of death, wars, suffering.

This chart (compliments of http://www.rawforbeauty.com)
is just one example of simple but useful health  info.
It urged me to web search the hydration topic, and I found some interesting facts specifically for children.

According to 

The Natural Hydration Council (NHC) have produced an easy to digest fact sheet, prepared by a scientific panel of experts, giving information and Top Tips on how to keep children hydrated.

“Children are at greater risk of dehydration than adults due to their lower body weight and smaller reserve of body fluids. Equally, whilst adults often have easy access to a supply of water, children tend to rely on their caregivers to provide drinks and often don’t recognise the early stages of thirst. Research suggests that just a 1% to 2% body weight loss can lead to significant reductions in concentration and mental performance. As a child’s body is around 60% water, it is important to keep them topped up with fluid during the day.”

The NHC has commissioned further research into the effect drinking water can have on  improving performance at school.  Findings have shown that increasing children’s water intake can:
  • Double school children’s interest in learning
  • Significantly increase cognition
  • Make children feel calmer and more alert in the classroom

Checkout one of my previous posts (7/18/2012) on the benefits of water.....
Sounds like we should all drink up! 

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Every once once in awhile, we just have to take some time for ourselves, or maybe to bond with our friends. There will always be a "busy" schedule; housework to do; projects to finish, or kids to take care of.....but make time for YOU, too.  Easier said than done....lol.

Yesterday, my friends and I took that time.....just a lunch, a little conversation, and at this particular location.....a step back in time.

We went to a tea house......quaint...Victorian....a little lace...and real china.....classical music in the background.......a soothing experience.  Do you remember those candy dishes that your grandmother may have had, with the three tiers, porcelain dishes connected with a golden dowel going through the center, each one a little smaller as it leveled upward. That's how our entire lunch was served......mini sandwiches on the bottom....scones, quiche and fruit on the second plate.....and finally topped with a few petite fores for the desert at the very top. This was preceded with a small china bowl of creamy tomato basil soup.....and a three page selection of amazing flavored teas to choose from, which came in it's own fragile tea pot for each person at the table. I could almost feel my little finger gradually rising on it's own......how genteel!

Everything was homemade, including a fabulous whipped cream butter spread for our scones, which tasted more like whipped cream than the butter it was supposed to be........ decedent, for sure!

Diet !.....did you say Diet?........I'm sure that word did enter our minds and quickly left, when we rationalized the importance of enjoying this brief and needed moment of camaraderie. That's why I started this entry with the words...."every once in awhile".
This was a moment to savor.....not a gobbled down, in flight, on the run, hurry up meal.....the textures, the soothing music, the ambiance, the flash-back to a more demure time. It was heavenly!......Take time to smell the roses....or on the teacup, at least.

The actual teapots ....classic!
Amelia's In Mullica Hill.......